Cockroach Pest Control Questions: Answers and Tips to Keep Your Home Roach-Free

Are roaches a problem in Las Vegas?

The German roach is the most commonly found type of roach inside houses in Las Vegas. These roaches are known to lay an egg case every 30 days, which can contain 30 to 40 baby roaches that take 60 to 90 days to mature and start reproducing. With such rapid reproduction rates, a single female roach can lead to the birth of up to 7,200 new roaches in just one year.. Inside they are found in the kitchen around the sink and refrigerator, and cupboards looking for food.

German roaches typically infest kitchen areas around sinks, refrigerators, and cupboards, as they are always in search of food. Being a tropical species, they can be found near any water source inside a house.

The Turkistan roach is the second most commonly found type of roach in Las Vegas. These roaches can only survive outdoors due to the dry conditions inside a house. However, since they are active at night and feed outside, they may accidentally wander inside through small openings in doors, only to eventually die from dehydration in the dry indoor environment. As a result, you may notice a few dead or stranded Turkistan roaches inside your home in the morning. Typically, these roaches can be found near sprinkler heads and inside water meter boxes outside.

Is Las Vegas Known for Roaches?

Las Vegas is not particularly known for roaches any more than other cities in the United States. However, due to its popularity as a top travel destination, there is a significant influx of visitors from all over the world who inadvertently bring roaches with them in their suitcases. As a result, the roach populations in hotels, moving vans, airline luggage, and private automobiles in Las Vegas are affected.

Is it Normal to Live With Roaches?

Living with roaches is not normal nor healthy. Roaches shed their outer covering multiple times during their lifetime to grow larger, which can cause allergies in both humans and pets by inhaling the minute skin particles. Roaches are also carriers of diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

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