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Bugs in Las Vegas - Scorpions

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This animal is in the spider family. Their tail has a stinger that they use to subdue their prey and for defense. There are 23 species found in Nevada, but only one of them is considered a serious threat to us and our pets. It is called the bark scorpion, or sometimes referred to as the Sculptured Scorpion. It is approximately 2” to 3” in length and is light brown in color. This scorpion has established itself in Clark County, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City.

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Don’t forget, these scorpions produce a painful sting, and can potentially kill small children, the elderly, and pets.


scorpion on rockAnatomy

Scorpions have a long tail that ends in a venomous stinger. Their stings are very painful and cause allergic reactions in people.


Scorpions are nocturnal creatures that hide during the day. 

They climb up the outside wall of your home and enter the roof and attic. After dark they come down from the walls and other areas they can be hiding in, and become a serious threat for the occupants of the house.

Why are scorpions a problem?

While in the attic the recessed lighting in your ceiling attracts them to the light, however the light fixture is too hot to pass through until the light is turned off. After the light has cooled the scorpion enters through the small openings in the fixture. When they get into your home they walk along the ceiling and down the interior walls. They are a very serious threat to the occupants during the day and night. 

A scorpion sting includes localized pain, swelling, and redness around the sting site. People experience numbness, tingling, or muscle spasms in the affected area. Scorpion stings cause severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, convulsions, and even death.

If you are stung by a scorpion in Nevada, it is very important to seek medical attention immediately.

Bark scorpion: It is considered one of the most venomous scorpions. 

The Devil scorpion: The Devil scorpion is known for its potent venom. 

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