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Pantry Pest Control

Pantry pests are small insects that wreak havoc in your kitchen pantry by contaminating your food items. They cause damage to packaging, contaminate food, and cause allergies in people. These pests cause damage to your stored food items. 

Indian Meal Moth: These moths have distinctive markings on their wings and are attracted to a variety of dried food products, including grains, nuts, and dried fruit.indian meal moth


Angoumois Moth: These small, cream-colored moths lay their eggs in grain kernels and can cause significant damage to stored grains.

almond moth

Drugstore Beetles: These beetles are small, brown insects that feed on a variety of stored food items, including grains, cereals, and spices.

drug store beetle

Red Flour Beetles: These reddish-brown beetles are attracted to flour, cereal, and other grain products.

Confused Flour Beetles: Similar in appearance to red flour beetles, these pests also feed on flour, cereal, and other grain products.

red and confused beetle

sawtooth grain beetle
Sawtooth Grain Beetle

Sawtooth Grain Beetles: These small, brown beetles have saw-like projections on their thorax and feed on grains, cereal, and processed food products.

Rice Weevils: These small, reddish-brown insects are often found in rice and other grains.

Granary Weevils: These weevils are small, reddish-brown insects that feed on grains and seeds.granary weevil



Cigarette Beetles: These small, brown beetles are attracted to dried plant material, including tobacco, herbs, and spices.

Lesser Grain Beetles: These beetles are small and brown and infest grains, including wheat, corn, and barley.

Warehouse Beetles: These beetles are brown and oval-shaped and are attracted to grains, spices, and pet food.

Larder Beetles: are black and white and are attracted to meat, cheese, and dried pet food.

Khapra Beetle adult

Khapra Beetles: are small and brown and  infest grains, seeds, and dried fruit.