Carpet Beetles

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varied carpet beetle
carpet beetle larva

Carpet beetles are small, oval-shaped insects. These beetles infest  carpets, woolen fabrics, and stored food products. The larvae of carpet beetles are destructive and damage household items. 

The larva are feeders on silk, woolen items, furs, hair, hides of animals, bird nests, skin that has fallen from our bodies, bees’ nests, dead rodents, When a carpet beetle problem is discovered it is generally a secondary problem. The  cause of the carpet beetle infestation may be from a mouse or rat infestation, or a bird, squirrel, or other rodent problem that keeps the carpet beetle in an abundance of food.

The cycle of reproduction of the Carpet Beetle is approximately one year from the egg to the adult stage. It is very important that these insects be eliminated from your home, as they are just as likely to eat your expensive wool dress, or suit, as they are to eat any other items in your home. They can get into your pantry and live with any of your natural foods in there such as wheat products, meats, spices, chocolate and nuts.

The adult stage looks similar to a ladybug however about 1/4th the size of a ladybug. They can be black in color or have white specs on a black background. They can also have variations of red with black and gray specs on their bodies.

Doug Carter | Senior Field Technician

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