We offer a Bee and Wasp Prevention Treatment that warrants no nests through the end of the year.

bumble bee

Yellow Jackets, Bumble Bees, Honey Bees, Carpenter Bees, Digger wasps, Hornets, Mud Daubers, Ground Hornets, Bald faced hornets and Yellow Jackets are what you may have when you see and encounter these insects, or a cluster that is referred to as a swarm. Bees and wasps become a nuisance when they establish their nests in or around our homes or businesses. Both bees and wasps are aggressive and will sting humans and pets if they feel threatened or their nests are disturbed, which is dangerous for those who are allergic to their venom. Bee or wasp colonies cause damage to property. Wasps may chew through wood to build their nests, while bees may build hives in walls or other hard-to-reach areas.

Swarm of Bees on balcony

The above cluster is a honeybee swarm, avoid approaching it as it is agressive and can attack you.

lyle getting carried away

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Carpenter Bee

Bees and Wasps

Build their nests in protected areas like man-made structures such as wall voids.

Honey bees are a social animal which means they all live in a group and work together with their own individual duties. The queen starts out together with a male and inseminated by him and begins to lay eggs for her first brood of workers. The male eventually leaves and dies. The first eggs hatch and become larvae and are fed by the queen with her nourishment in her body. They then transform into a pupae in a silken case, then metamorphous (physically change into an adult). Because they are only nourished by the queens own nourishment in her body, they come out smaller than a normal size. Some of them become workers and foragers to provide food for the new growing colony. Some of them become hive builders, and some are soldiers to protect the group from outsiders, and some become nurse maids to take care of the larvae while they are maturing. After a period of time the queen produces royal eggs which can potentially become new kings, and queens that eventually leave the hive to make new colonies. If you approach honey bees on bushes or flowers they are foraging for food or building materials for the hive, They are not a threat to you or your client as long as they are not at the hive location. If you approach a hive they can be very aggressive as they feel you are a threat to the queen of which is there to propagate the colony.

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ground wasp

Ground Wasp

Mud Dauber

Mud Dauber Wasp

paper wasp on leafy hive

Paper Wasp

The size of a wasp colony vary depending on the species of wasp they range from a few dozen individuals to several hundred individuals. 

Wasps construct nests using a paper-like material made from chewing wood fibers. This material forms a protective covering for their nest. The nest can be found in various locations. Some wasps build nests in protected areas such as crevices in rocks, or inside man-made structures like attics or wall voids. Others create aerial nests that are suspended from branches and eaves of buildings.

Wasps and bees defend their nests aggressively as they perceive a threat, by humans and pets approaching their nesting area.


Yellow Jacket

bald faced hornet

Bald Faced Hornet


Digger Wasp

Flight Patterns and Nesting Areas

Bees and wasps fly in and out of specific locations. They establish their nests in various areas, such as holes in the ground, cracks in walls, or beneath the eaves of buildings. If you consistently observe their movement in a particular spot, it is likely that a nest is present.

When encountering a swarm, it is crucial to exercise caution as it may be dangerous to be targeted by swarms.




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