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Pigeon Control

Pigeons quickly become a health hazard. Whether you have a residential or commercial space, we offer a range of services. 

Pigeons carry several diseases that are transmitted to humans. The most prevalent disease is Histoplasmosis of which can be fatal to humans and pets. Candidiasis Fungus which is infectious, Cryptococcus which is an internal pigeon infection. Pigeon droppings carry over 60 diseases that  affect the human nervous system.

Pigeon droppings and feathers  contain allergens cause respiratory problems, including asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

bird lice Picture of bird louse

Pigeons cause property damage by nesting and roosting on buildings, roofs, and other structures.

Starlings are recognizable by their long beaks and various colors on a generally dark brown body. They  imitate other birds and animals and are found living in areas with openings they can access, such as bird block vents at the eaves of a roof line

There are two kinds of pigeons which include Nesters and Loafers. The Nesting pigeons create a nest to raise young ones and the Loafers are the visitors that simply visit with each other. Pigeons always come back to breed from where they were born at least 4 times during the year.

pigeons on wire



Although loud distressed bird sounds, plastic owls, or fake snakes can deter pigeons for a short time, they are not effective in the long run as pigeons eventually realize that the sound or fake predator is not a threat to them.

Bird Netting Picture of Bird Netting

The two most common birds we control are starlings and pigeons. While they are not currently protected, this could change in the future, making it even more important to work with a professional bird control service.