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Snake pest control is an essential component of home and property maintenance. Snakes pose a danger to humans and pets. Snake droppings are cylindrical and vary in size depending on the species. They are typically found near snake hiding spots such as under rocks or in crawl spaces. Snakes can be found in various locations, such as crawl spaces, basements, gardens, and even trees.

california king snake

Snake Trap

snake trap
Snake Proof gate

Snake Proof Gate

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Lyle Removing Snake
snake proof fence

Snake Proof Fence

Snake Removal

Removing snakes from your property can be a risky and complex process. Attempting to remove snakes yourself can be dangerous, especially when dealing with a venomous species. It’s always recommended to use our professional snake removal services for a safer and more efficient solution. Our professionals have the necessary expertise, equipment, and experience to handle even the most challenging infestations.

If you want to prevent snakes from accessing your yard, we can install a snake fence on your existing fence that the snake can’t get past. call us for a free visit and quote for our service.

If you want to get snakes out of your yard we can install a snake trap that will attract and catch the snakes. We set it up and when you see a tail from the snake, just call us and we will retrieve the snake.

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