Growing up as a Boy

 Hi, my name is Lyle. I am the second child in our family, my brother who was named Jim is 2 years older than me. Jim’s real name is Ralph James, but he only used it on legal papers.  My story is about my life and how I meant Jesus.  My sister Cathy is 2 years younger than me.  When I and my siblings were growing up, our family was very poor.  We had enough to eat as far as I know, but most of the time when any of us kids were bad we were sent to bed without dinner as punishment.  My mom would sneak into our bedroom and bring us something to eat after dad had gone to bed. It’s not that my dad was cruel to us, but he had certain things about how he brought us up that we had to adhere to. I was born with a deformed ear, and I am deaf in that ear.  I was able to hear from my good ear, but the kids in school would constantly make fun of me. In time I ignored their taunting, and decided that if I made like I didn’t cared they would give up and leave me alone.   

          Being poor never occurred to us as we didn’t think we were. Our kitchen consisted of a fold up card table and five wooden apple boxes for chairs.  Most of the time mom would make noodle  casseroles with a salad that consisted of fruit and whip cream. Dad worked during the day in a carnival at a shooting gallery and at night he cleaned taverns. Mom stayed home until us kids went to school, and then worked at a meat packing plant making wieners for hot dogs.  She was off work by the time we got home from school.  Times were hard for her because dad was going out at night seeing other women. Mom loved him so much that she tolerated his activities but she was always unhappy.

          One night my mom told him that she knew he was doing wrong and he just denied it. This angered her so she said that I was not really his son to get back at him for his infidelity.  After she told him this, he never treated me like a son again.  I felt at times that I should just run away from home, but not having anywhere to run to, I just became recluse and lonely. I knew mom loved me, but I felt my dad didn’t care.  I tried over the years to communicate with my dad without success. While I was growing up I tried to accomplish something that he would tell me he was proud of my accomplishment but he never did.  I felt rejected, and alone.  One day a friend asked me if I would like to go to church with her.  Being very shy I told her I would meet her there. When I arrived and tried to blend in, people kept coming over to me and welcoming me to their church. I was so shocked by their friendliness and the way I was treated that I felt accepted and in time I began to learn about the greatest love came from Jesus.

          A few months later I was baptized in the name of Jesus. Since that day I have found true love from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.