Fortune Cookie


Many years ago on a small remote tropical island thirty five miles off the coast of mainland China, lived a young Chinese family of five. This family was not unlike any other family except for the tragedy and misfortune of being poor, forcing them to endure many hardships and yet one day have triumph over all their misfortune.

The family name was “OL”. Mr. OL worked outside of their tiny village in a province called Shanghai mainland China. Each morning Mr. OL would bring woven baskets that his wife made from bamboo shoots that grew in their yard to a small boat dock and trade them for a ride to Shanghai. When he reached the city he would walk to the rich business district, and do odd jobs for anyone that would pay him. Some days there just wasn’t enough work for him to bring anything at all.

During a very lean period of time just as winter began to arrive, Mr. OL Began having extreme headaches and after being examined by a free clinic, it was discovered he had developed a rare brain disorder that would cause him to lapse into short periods of severe headaches. His son who was named “Ty” had two younger sisters age seven and four. Ty was the only one in the family that could help out because his mother had developed arthritis problems in her back and hands from making baskets and became bed ridden.

Ty was a very bright child of fourteen years old. When he was younger he used to sit on their front porch and play with his two sisters “Len”, and “Teti”. Len the older sister always tried to keep her younger sister’s hope up by telling her that someday they would go to the big city and have lots of food to eat. They would sometimes pretend they were rich and had all the food they could eat, but as time went on, little Teti would complain that she couldn’t pretend any longer because of her constant hunger pains.

Some days they would collect up small pebbles in the yard and try to swallow some to make themselves feel full. They spent many nights crying as they grew during this lean period of their life. One day Teti the youngest sister started getting very sick, and in just a week she died. Ty and Len were very lonesome after that but never spoke again of Teti

Ty finally grew to be a bright young man and was able to work his way through school. Because of his diligence the Province of China gave him a scholarship to attend the Chinese School of Medicine. After graduation Ty began his life’s work in medical research. In his middle age he developed a new medication that would relieve the pain of headaches like his father suffered, and the pain of arthritis that his mother suffered. Upon getting a patent he decided to name the medication after his long suffering family. It was and is now still called today TY-LEN-OL