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Sow Bugs and Pill Bugs

Sow bugs and pill bugs, often referred to as woodlice or roly-polies. They are characterized by their oval-shaped bodies. 

Sow bugs and pill bugs are found in moist environments, such as gardens, flower beds, and damp basements. They are nocturnal creatures, emerging at night to feed on plant material. Sow bugs and pill bugs damage your plants. 

Sow bugs and pill bugs feed on live plants, especially seedlings and young shoots. Their feeding activity can result in stunted growth, leaf damage, and even plant death.

Sow bugs and pill bugs find their way into buildings, if there are cracks or gaps in the foundation. Once inside, they become a nuisance,  in basements or damp areas where they seek moisture. 

Sow bugs and pill bugs contribute to allergies and asthma. Individuals with respiratory conditions experience worsened symptoms in environments where these pests thrive.

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Those pill bugs and sow bugs are ugly. Please call Townsend to get rid of them. 

Sow Bugs sow bug

Sow bugs measure around 1/2 inch in length.

They have a flattened, oval-shaped body.

Their coloration can vary, ranging from gray to brown.


Pill Bugs pill bug

Pill bugs are also around 1/2 inch in length.

They have a more rounded body compared to sow bugs.

Their coloration is typically dark gray to black.

Pill bugs can roll into a tight ball when threatened, hence their alternative name, “roly-polies.”

Both species are primarily nocturnal and are most active during the night. They feed on live vegetation.

In gardens, sow bugs and pill bugs target ripening fruits and vegetables, particularly those in direct contact with the soil. 

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