Scorpions are the most feared and dangerous Pest in Las Vegas

Scorpion populations in Las Vegas rising

scorpion on rock

In some areas of the country Bark Scorpions kill more people than Rattle snakes do. Most of the southern and southwest states have venomous Bark Scorpions. Nevada has 23 different species of scorpions throughout the state of which only 3 species are found in the Las Vegas Valley, the Bark Scorpion, the Striped Tail Devil Scorpion, and the Desert Hairy Scorpion. The Striped Tail Devil Scorpion is a ground dweller as well as the Desert Hair Scorpion. Both of them do not have a lethal sting, and are found in more rural areas. The most predominant scorpion is called the Bark or Sculptured Scorpion. This scorpion is mostly found in and around homes in densely populated areas. It is a climber and generally will be found in the crown of palm trees as well as sycamore, and cotton wood trees. Generally Bark Scorpions are brought in with newly planted trees that were transported from neighboring states. Bark Scorpions can also be found in just about any kind of bush, or shrubbery. The Bark scorpion’s sting has been found to be lethal at times, and have killed mostly small children and family pets. If you are stung by the Bark Scorpion it is advisable to get to the emergency room as soon as possible. The sting is not always fatal as it depends on how much venom has been injected and how well the immune system of the victim is. The Bark Scorpion is approximately 3” long at maturity and gives live birth to its babies approximately 30 new Bark Scorpions during its 5 year life time. It is a light tan color with sometimes a darken area on its back. Bark Scorpions are in the spider family and have 8 legs, a tail that is bent upward when it is ready to sting. If you have experienced Bark Scorpions in or around your home you should take immediate action to kill them or have them controlled. The Bark Scorpion is always found above ground climbing on walls and trees and on rock areas, but can be found lurking on the floor or around plant life as well. If your neighbor has Bark Scorpions they can climb over the property line wall and enter your yard.If you have recessed lights in the ceiling this is one way the Bark Scorpion can get into your home by climbing up the outside of your home and entering the attic, then coming down through the recessed lights at night after the light has been turned off and has cooled. The Bark Scorpion can also enter through a crack at the exit doors of your home. If you stand inside the house and look out at the base of the door and see light it is possible for them to enter through the door when it is closed. The Bark Scorpion can also enter your home through an open pet door at night. There are many products on the market that claim to control scorpions however only a few of them actually work on the Bark Scorpion. If you are stung an immediate burning sensation will occur at the sting site, but in a short while you will experience a numbing of the sting area but it will be very sensitive to the touch.Over a few hours an extended pain along the extremity that is stung will occur for a few days. Some people do not have much more than a pain without serious complications however it all depends on your own system. If you wish to know more about Bark Scorpions check out our blog! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by clicking on this link to our Contact Us page.

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