silverfishSilverfish are usually gray to silver in color. They can be found throughout the house including living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens garages and even attics. They normally prefer warm areas like furnace rooms, hot water tank rooms, and areas near skylights. They are defined as a paper product pest because they will often attack old books, magazines, maps, and any paper products that have been stored for a period of time. They have also been found attacking fabrics such as cotton and linen. Usually they enter buildings via cardboard boxes, books or papers, which are brought in from infested areas elsewhere. They can also enter structures directly from the outside. During the daytime they usually prefer to hide in small cracks and crevices. When searching for food they will roam quite some distance, although when a good food source is found they will usually remain near by. Silverfish are also feeders of natural items such as fur, hair, skin that falls from our body after toweling from a shower. The best method of correction is to clean all cracks and crevices, and then spray all the cracks throughout the house along baseboards, door frames, behind picture frames, inside closets along the shelf line, and any place that is warm or moist, or both. Call me today and I can eliminate the silverfish problem quickly.