clothes-moth-adultThe cloths moth is undoubtedly the most common fabric infesting moth in the United States. This moth will feed on woolen items, natural hair items, such as furs, wigs, or even trophy heads. The adult is covered with shiny gold, or buff scales and the top of its head has a puff of reddish hair. Its eyes are black and large. Its size is smaller than most moths. Its over all length is approximately 1/4 to 1/3rd of an inch long. This moth shuns light and likes to stay in darken areas of a room, such as a closet. The larva (worm like) is the one that does all the damage by eating natural fibers of clothing, or other organic items. They generally will not eat clean items, rather they prefer to eat items that have been soil in some way, either from human sweat, or spilled organic matter on the item. It is important to find the infestation in order to correct the problem. It generally is found in an area that has not been disturbed for sometime, such as a rolled up rug, or hope chest with organic items stored in it.  Call me for an inspection today and I will eliminate this pest from your home in less than a week.