The house pest ants are a number of different species that invade a household. They are all small and without the proper equipment, and without an entomology background it would be very difficult for the average person to identify, or separate the subtle differences from them. The purpose of this website is to help you decide the best approach to eliminate your ant problem. The cure for the various house pest ants is either the same or very similar for each one of them.

There are many different species of house pest ants, but the most frequently encountered ants are theOdorous house ant, (This ant got its name by the pungent odor they emit when crushed.), Pharaoh ant,Little Black house antThief ant, and the Ghost ant.

These ants are very small. They generally range from 1/16 inch to 1/4 inch in length. Pharaoh ants being the smallest. Pharaoh ants and Ghost ants vary from yellowish to reddish in color. Odorous house ants are generally brown to black in color. These ants are usually found in the kitchen area and feed on sweets, starches, and grease. All these ants have many queens within a colony. Spraying inside will generally disperse the ants into separate colonies within the structure, thus making the problem worse! Baiting is the most popular way to effectively eliminate them from the inside of the house. It should be noted that recently products that can be sprayed and that do not kill quickly so as to not cause an alarm in the colony have been manufactured and are now on the market, but can only be applied by a licensed pest control operator. This product has no odor, and will not cause the ants to spread throughout the house like most other sprays will. Since the main colony originates from the outside and is usually found underground, an outside periodic treatment should be applied to keep this ant from reinvading your home.