House Flies

houseflilarvaeHouse flies are often found infesting homes in the late summer to early fall and sometimes in the springtime.  Late in the summer, they rest on the southwest side of the house during the daytime and when it gets dark and colder outside, they crawl into a crack or crevice.  From there they can over winter in the wall or find their way inside the house.  They often over winter in attics and unfinished basements and enter the house through recessed lights.  Once in the house they are attracted to light so you will usually see them around the windows. Call me today to be fly free in less than a week.


Fruit Flies

FruitFlyFruit flies are very small flies that have red eyes which can be easily seen without the need for a magnifying glass. They are sometimes called a vinegar fly as they are attracted to vinegar, and most fruits that are overly ripe, or fermented. They can breed in and are also attracted to sour mops that are used for mopping a commercial kitchen. They can also be found in garbage disposals in a kitchen, old flour left in cracks and crevices around food processing areas, in the machinery area of kitchens such as pop dispensers, dough mixers, refrigeration units, and other areas that have not been cleaned for a while.


Humpback Flies or Phorid Flies

HumpBackFlyThese flies are very small and resemble the fruit fly however it does have three distinct differences that can be seen with the naked eye. First it does not have red eyes, and second it has a very small head and third it has what appears to be a hump on the top side of the body. It can breed in almost any kind of organic matter that has moisture in it. This fly has even been known to infest a broken drain line under a concrete slab. As long as there is organic material and moisture this fly can breed in it.