Crickets 100-2Crickets are in the same group of insects that include grasshoppers, and katydids. The sounds that are produced by these insects are made by the males of the specie by rubbing their wings together to attract the female crickets. These sounds are also produced as a warning to other crickets that danger is near by. The hind legs are well developed like the grasshopper so they can jump very fast and out of harms way. There are several kinds of crickets, such as field crickets, tree, ground, camel, Jerusalem, and mole crickets. Crickets like most insects can become very large in numbers and produce sounds that eventually become a nuisance to people. A good heavy outside spray with the proper material can easily remove them from your yard. I recommend the garage also be treated as they easily can get in under the service side door or even the main overhead garage door. Call me today and be cricket free in less than a week.