Cockroaches are one of the oldest animals on the planet. They date back over 350 million years. They have evolved over this period to adapt to their environment regardless of the climate, temperature changes, food availability, or existence of shelter. This is why cockroaches can be eliminated from a building and yet return time and time again to become a nuisance that only their mother could love.

German Cockroaches

german_cockroach06These roaches are found primarily inside heated buildings that possess water availability. Most of their infestations will be in kitchens, bathrooms, and around hot water tanks. They produce egg cases of which they carry on their posterior that contain approximately forty new cockroaches every thirty days. These new roaches become mature in sixty to ninety days and in turn start producing egg cases of forty roaches each every thirty days.

German roaches can produce allergens that cause allergic reactions in humans. They also are vectors of numerous pathogens that cause disease. They are very good at avoiding things that can harm them, such as pesticide sprays. Because they are nocturnal (nighttime activities) they can build up in great numbers before you even realize that they have invaded your home, or business. Over the recent years, pest control services have developed many new sprays, baits, traps, and insect growth inhibitors to control roaches. Of course the first line of defense is sanitation, and exclusion. Closing off all cracks and crevices that they can hide in during the day will eliminate a very large number of them. Sanitation is also a big factor in their survival in your home or business. They are omnivorous so they will feed on most any organic material. Proper treatment inside on an on going basis can and will maintain control of them. Call me today and I can personally eliminate the problem for you.

Turkestan Cockroaches

Cockroaches-Turkestan_120913-617x416This roach thrives in dry desert areas. They are perfectly content living in your outside sprinkler box and in other cool areas outside. They come out at night and can very easily enter your house by crawling under the garage door or even your front door if it is not properly sealed. If you have a doggy pet door or leave a window open it can be a way for them to gain entrance. For the most part they do not get into your kitchen or bathroom cabinets unless there is an abundance of them. Proper spraying inside and outside one time, and then outside on a routine maintenance will eliminate them from your home and yard.  Call me today and be roach free in less than a week.