Carpet beetles come in a variety of colors and design on their bodies. The adult stage looks similar to a ladybug however about 1/4th the size of a ladybug. They can be black in color or have white specs on a black background. They can also have variations of red with black and gray specs on their bodies. As an adult they are able to be transported on freshly cut flowers from your garden, or just be crawling through a crack at the windowsill. They are attracted to yellow flowers outside and feed on the pollen, and nectar of various plants.

CarpetBeetlelarvaeThe immature stage of the carpet beetle is called a larva. During the larva stage they are voracious feeders on natural items such as silk, woolen items, furs, hair, hides of animals, bird nests, and feathers, skin that has fallen from our bodies, bees’ nests, dead rodents, and any other items that are organic in nature. Sometimes when a carpet beetle problem is discovered it is generally a secondary problem. The actual cause of the carpet beetle infestation may be from a mouse or rat infestation, or a bird, squirrel, or other rodent problem that keeps the carpet beetle in an abundance of food. The cycle of reproduction of the Carpet Beetle is approximately one year from the egg to the adult stage. It is very important that these insects be eliminated from your home, as they are just as likely to eat your expensive wool dress, or suit, as they are to eat any other items in your home. They can get into your pantry and live perfectly content with any of your natural foods in there such as wheat products, meats, spices, chocolate, nuts, and many more foods that you may have. During our showers we tend to loosen up the outer skin on our bodies and when we towel off to dry much of this loose skin falls to the floor, along with a certain amount of hair. These items get caught in cracks and crevices along the wall. The Carpet Beetle larvae feed along the wall on these items as well. In order to gain control of the situation, it is necessary to determine the cause and location of the cause, or causes and change those factors. Call me today for an examination of your home and I will personally eliminate this pest in your home for good.