YellowJackets, Bumble Bees, Carpenter Bees, Hornets, Mud Daubers, Ground Hornets, and Bald face hornets are generally what you may have when you experience this problem in or around your home or business. On occasion you might encounter a Honey Bee nest or cluster that is referred to as a swarm. If you do have a swarm avoid trying to eliminate the swarm yourself as all the honey bees in the valley are now killer bees and the proper procedure and protective clothing is necessary to eliminate the swarm without endangering anyone around it. Usually the swarms are merely a resting place where the queen bee has decided to stop and take a break from flight. This break may be an hour or over night. The worker bees will cling together around the queen to protect her from any harm. Do not try to approach the swarm as the worker bees may look at you as a threat to their queen and attack you.

The best way to treat for the other kinds of bees & wasps is to treat the nest directly. Due to the complexity of the various kinds to treat, I strongly recommend a protective bee suit be worn as once you start, the bees or wasps will be angered, and can become uncontrollably dangerous.  Call my office and I can take care of it professionally without harm to you or your family.